Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Perfect Use For All Those Scraps!

If you like to craft at all,  you {may} have turned into a slight crafting-supply-hoarder.  I have fabric scraps out the wazoo!  I mean seriously, chances are I can use them for something, right?  The correct answer is always yes!  So yesterday I decided to put some of those scraps to good use!

I got some flannel from my mom (side note-- I clearly come by the "fabric-hoarding" rightfully.  That woman has a few big tubs FULL of fabric.  And I'm jealous of it.  I'm trying to build my collection.  Seriously, you never know when you might need it!) and sewed a basic baby blanket together.  Yellow back, stripey front.  Next, I started cutting out circles from my scraps.  At this point, my mom asked, in a slightly, concerned tone, "Don't you want a cup to trace or something?"  I simply laughed and reminded her that, hello, when have I ever been one to do things to perfection?  Haha!  Below is a close-up to show you that clearly, my circles weren't actually circles.  And, meh, no big deal.

At this point I realized that with all the circles in different patterns, a stripey background would simply be too busy, so I flipped the blanket and made the stripeys the back.  TaDaa!!!! I know, I'm a genius.  I kept cutting circle-esque shapes, of different sizes and colors:

And when I felt I had enough, I laid them out on the blanket.  Again, not in any pattern or anything.  Randomness is kind of my thing.

I stuck a pin in the middle of each circle to hold them in place, then proceeded to sew them.  I did NOT turn the edges under, and that was intentional.  I want the edges to fray!  So I sewed around the interior of each circle, leaving 1/4-1/2 (ish) on the outer edge of the seam.  I figure once I wash it a few times, the edges will curl and fray wonderfully.  Here it is all sewn:

And with the stripey back:

And that's it!  Super easy and cute!

And speaking of super cute...  when was the last time your husband took it upon himself to make his baby girl a home-made quilt all by himself?  I submit that he is the cutest/sweetest little daddy and husband ever!  I love this guy!!!

And don't worry, I'll totally post pictures of the finished product :)


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