Saturday, September 10, 2011


Remember how I told you all that my hormones have been surprisingly in check since I've been pregnant?  It's been one of my most prided things in the last 18 weeks.  Which is why, I'm sure, they went crazy last night, just to remind me that I'm not really in control of them and they do what they want.

So, DJ and I went to the store to get milk eggs, and, of course, frozen pizzas.  When we got home, I threw two pizzas in the oven (little pizzas, guys, we're not porkers over here).  The thing is, I eat little Totino's frozen pizzas a LOT.  Like, at least once a week.  So obviously, I know how to cook them.  BUT.. for some reason, when I opened the oven, DJ's Tony's pizza was beautiful, and my Totino's?  Blackened.  I cooked it for LESS time than I ever have before, and somehow, it burned.  So there I am, pulling out the hubs' lovely pizza and my crappy one, and the fire alarm is going off for like a solid 3 minutes (no joke, I'm sure my brothers and dad upstairs can attest), and I'm getting more and more annoyed.  THEN, I cut DJ's pizza, and as I'm moving it from the pan to a plate, I drop a few pieces onto the stove top.  That really did me in.  In a fit of rage, I raised my pizza cutter and SLAMMED it down against the pizza pan (because somehow, that loud noise was going to make me feel better???).  DJ looked at me wide-eyed, the poor guy.  I really don't get angry much, and I'm pretty sure he was shocked at my outburst.  He just said, "It's okay..." and I responded with an angry, "NO!!!"  He took his pizza and sat in the recliner and I kept looking over at him, as though daring him to laugh at my ridiculousness.  Good thing he's much smarter than that.  I cut my own pizza, sat on the couch, and proceeded to eat it.  DJ asked if it was okay, and I know he was ready to share his pizza with me but I was having none of that.  Stubborn me, I forced down half of that blackened pizza before I finally gave up.  DJ asked if I wanted another one and I let him know I was quite done with pizzas for the night.  He came over and gave me a hug and said he was really sorry I was having a rough evening.  Well that nearly made me cry.

Curse you, hormones.

Luckily, today, this is all pretty funny.  And I'm hoping I can keep those hormones at bay for, oh... the rest of forever!


  1. Don't count on being able to keep those in check...just from experience, if your outbursts don't happen in's a "Win".

  2. Are you starting to understand how I could call a classroom full of 10-year-olds "little idiots?" Yep, the pregnancy hormones are to blame for some of my finest moments.

  3. Whoops. And no, Adam has never been pregnant. That was me, of course.

  4. LOL, I'm sorry but I was just chuckling at this as I read because I swear I could copy and paste it and claim it as my own. Oh, hormones. My poor, poor husband.