Monday, September 5, 2011

Baby Chair!!! (A Screamin Deal!!)

So, I've been planning on buying a glider with a gliding ottoman for the baby's room.  The ones I was looking at were about $180, so that's what I was planning on paying.  Since it was Labor Day and we had the day off, the hubs and I went to the RC Willey Outlet to check out the chairs there.  There were gliding chairs with ottoman's for $180, just like I expected.  THEN, we happened across this little beauty: 

Ummm... LOVE!  And it's sooooo comfortable!  It's a rocking chair/recliner.  It was originally $560, on sale for $279, with an additional 20% off, we worked with our favorite salesman Nick, and he gave us about another $15 off and then we had a $25 gift card on top of that, so we ended up paying less than $195 including tax for this!  So cool, right?  It's way way nicer than a glider!  It will eventually find it's home in the baby's room, but for now it's taken up residence in our family room, with DJ in it:

He's been in it since we got it home.  Maybe it's awesome enough that he'll want to get up in the night and rock our baby :)  I'm certain it's comfortable enough to sleep in, which is probably a good thing, considering the purpose we bought it for!

Woohoo!  We're getting excited for you, baby!!!


  1. I'm glad you found this. Usually, those gliders only last about 6 months or so before they start clunking around and aren't so smooth. This one looks like a sturdy one :)

  2. I agree with Michelle. And this one looks SO comfortable. (PS - Make sure DJ knows that you get dibs on this AT LEAST until you are done nursing). That's an AWESOME deal!

  3. hahaha he knows... I think ;) Seriously though, it will be really nice for feeding the baby and putting it to sleep!