Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 3: Simple Side-Pony (with braid wrap)

I decided to keep it REALLY simple today... come on, guys, it's Monday!    So, start by pulling your hair into a low side-pony:

Now, take a section of the hair from your ponytail, like this:

You braid this small section, then wrap the braid around the elastic holding your ponytail in place.  After it's been wrapped around as many times as it will go (mine went around twice), then bobby pin that baby in!  Use the bobby pins the way I taught you yesterday, with the pin open and "straddling"  the braid.  And here's the final look:

...And a close-up (sorry it's blurry).

Ta-daaa!!!!  This one seriously takes less than two minutes.  Now that's my kind of style!

By the way, we're up to 30 followers!  Wahoo!!!  Just 2 more and I'll tell you how to win some product!!!


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