Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 4: The Braided Headband

This one is, once again, really simple.  But it's a quick, nice way to spice up your average ponytail!  First, I backcombed the top of my hair to give it a little volume.  I brushed all of my hair backwards (except my bangs).  Next, I pulled a section out from the middle of the side of my hair, like this:

Now, braid that section:

(I got bored of doing normal faces, okay?)  Once the section is braided, pull it over the top of your head across to the other side, and secure with a bobby pin:

Now do the same thing on the opposite side:

Now you just pull the rest up into a ponytail!  The reason you make the braids from the middle of your hair is so there's more hair in the front that will cover the braids' origins when you pull it all back.  Make sense?

Back view:

Ta-Daaa!!!  Less than 5 minutes for this one!

Just so you know, if I ever don't make sense in my blog and you want some more instruction on a certain hairstyle, PLEASE JUST ASK!  I'd be happy to make a video of it, it might make it easier to understand :)  Happy Tuesday!  Only 2 more followers til the giveaway!  Woohoo!!!


  1. Simple and cute...love it. Do you suppose that it would still look alright in my hair (with no bangs)? Guess I'll have to try and see.

  2. Yes it would absolutely look good! I definitely recommend it :)

  3. I love it! Thanks for putting these up. It's making me want to be more adventurous with my hair!

  4. So I did this hairdo on Sunday for my first day in my new ward. Except I left my hair down instead of doing the ponytail at the end. I loved it! And then the next day, the braids were still in, so I pulled it into a messy bun, and it still looked cute! Thanks for the idea!