Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I've had a stressful day. Okay more like a stressful month. At any given time in the past few weeks, it wouldn't be surprising to find me on edge, about to come apart. I've been stressing about everything.... money, work, having kids(or rather, not having kids), summer plans, having a clean house.... you get the idea. Today things really came to a head, and I had a major come-apart at work. Okay, I had 2 come-aparts. Yep, full on tears, melt-down, come-aparts. Twice. And I wasn't even embarrassed about it! I just couldn't handle work today. I told DJ about my day, and he showed up with a pot of these:

Beautiful, huh? And I love that they're potted, so I can keep them on my desks for months and always remember how amazing my husband is and how much he loves me!

Next, I had two different people I work with bring me a little of this:
Clearly, these people know me! The day was continuing to look up!!!

Finally, I got an email with my sister that had these images, which just cracked me up:

Zombies are Nuts
Lactose Intolerant
Ice Cube Dreams
(my personal's now the desktop background on my work computer!)
All in all, I'm really grateful for good friends and family today that helped relieved my stress. Especially my husband! He was so good to me today, and I couldn't ask for a more understanding best friend!!!


  1. I'm so glad you liked the pictures!! They literally cracked me up, and made me think of you instantly!!

    And, cheer up might as well be happy!

  2. I'm so glad you have a sweet hubby that knew just what what you needed. if you need a break and want to go to lunch or Di one day soon let me know. hope tomorrow is a better day!