Thursday, April 7, 2011

Love... In Dessert Form

I found a new best friend in the kitchen. Would you like to meet him?

Yep, butter flavored Crisco. Growing up, I never used Crisco when I baked. Not once. My mom didn't like it, so any time a recipe called for shortening, we substituted margarine. It wasn't until after I got married and my new aunt Melin gave me a recipe for her chocolate chip cookies (which are DJ's favorite) and gave me all the ingredients that I gave Crisco a try. I discovered that I loved it. So for the past 20 months I've been using Crisco when a recipe calls for it, and I've been loving the result! Well a few days ago I bought butter-flavored Crisco, and oh my goodness, I am HOOKED! It makes those most creamy, delicious cookies ever. Tonight, my wonderful sister Nikki gave me her world class peanut-butter cookie recipe. I used the butter flavored Crisco and these babies are so dreamy!!!!
What could possibly be better than Nikki's peanut butter cookies? Well... a little chocolate couldn't hurt right?
That is not just any chocolate, girls, that is chocolate ganache. Equal parts of heavy whipping cream and chocolate chips melted together. After drizzling it over the cookies, I put them in the fridge for the ganache to thicken. Now it's a perfect fudge-y consistency, and THAT, my friends, is real, peanut butter chocolate love :)


  1. You're just trying to sabotage everyone for Biggest Loser. Nice trick.

  2. Please oh please send me some of those ganache peanut butter cookies!!!!

  3. Meg-- We'll have to make some next time you visit! Michelle-- in reality I could only be sabotaging myself because no one else lives near enough to me to sabotage, but I like the idea of being a saboteur! Megan-- I can send you the recipe if you want!

  4. We LOVE butter flavored crisco over here. Tyson introduced it to me when we got married and I wanted to know his secret to the most delicious cookies ever.
    Yeah. It's good.

  5. These ARE amazing! That chocolate genache is to DIE for! I'd take some of that right NOW! Actually I'm currently about to eat a cinnamon roll...homemade...from Ash's kitchen downstairs. Living so close does have its advantages!!!!!