Sunday, August 1, 2010

Green River Girls' Day!

Yesterday Nikki and I took a trip to Green River to see our cousin, Karen. We adore Karen and her awesome family! I have officially given Karen the "Most Beautiful Hair in the Family" award. Seriously, that girl's hair is GORGEOUS! It's incredibly long and crazily thick and so soft! I got to give her a mini-makeover (not that she needed it, like I said, she has naturally amazing hair!), and it was SO much fun! I trimmed up the bottom, gave her some long layers, thinned it out a TON, put some layers in around her face, and gave her highlights and lowlights. Nikki and I seriously could not stop touching Karen's hair... it's seriously just incredible! Karen took us out to lunch at a fabulous Mexican place in Green River, which was delicious! Nik and I had a BLAST driving the two and a half hours there and back.

Nik, Karen, and me

So, our trip home was interesting....the driver's-side windshield wiper in my car wasn't working and it rained off and on. Luckily we never hit any serious showers. We definitely blessed out. The worst part of the whole trip was.................... I killed a bird. I've never killed anything other than a plant or a bug in my entire life. I was pretty horrified. There were two tiny birds in the middle of my lane on I-80, and I kept thinking they were going to fly away. I drove my car over top of them (like, they were underneath the body of my car, I didn't run over them with my tires), and then I heard a thump on the bottom of my car. I realized that one of the birds had tried to fly away right when I was over top of it and it had hit my car and obviously had died. My natural reaction was to gasp and both of my hands flew up to my face... Nikki was sensible enough to grab the wheel, (again, we were on I-80, in a very straight flat stretch of road so I promise we wouldn't have crashed anyway, but I was still grateful for her presence of mind) and then I started hyperventilating a little bit. Overreaction? Probably. Ok, definitely. But seriously? I learned to drive in Provo, so how often was I going to have animals in the road that could potentially be killed by me? It didn't take long to get myself under control and everything ended up ok.

Biggest lesson of the day? If you don't want to come home to a husband with a shaved head... you should probably not leave him alone for 11 hours on a Saturday:) Haha just kidding babe, it seriously looks so good!!!


  1. OMG! I thought I was the only person in the world who had the 'luck' of hitting a bird while driving! What are the odds, really? I'm sorry it was so distressing for you... but glad you had a fun time with your girls before the sad event!

  2. I understand the distress it causes killing something with your need to ask Ranee' sometime about that time she hit 2 rabbits within a 1/2 second of eachother.