Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lovell, WY: The happiest place on earth

Okay, so naturally anywhere I happen to be with my hubby is my happiest place on earth, especially when we're in the temple. But I truly love the town of Lovell. I feel more myself and more at home there than almost anywhere else. I really hope I get the chance to live there one day.

DJ, Nikki and I went home to listen to their younger brother, Sean, speak in church after he got home from his mission. It was a quick trip--we got there late Friday night and came home Sunday-- but it was super fun! In our short visit we played "What Not to Wear" with Mama Savage (she's such a good sport), we had a blast doing everyone's hair and makeup together on Saturday morning, we played softball, went "to the show," ate at Taco John's, and I learned how to make pie crust from Grandma Savage! Those Savages sure know how to pack a lot of fun into a short period of time! I just have to mention this... there is a movie theater in Lovell and it only plays one movie at a time. When you go see the movie, everyone says you're "going to the show." Not only do I love how cute and old-timey that sounds, listen to this: They have a date night special, where you get 2 movie tickets, 2 drinks, and a large popcorn for.... get this..... 12 BUCKS! Now, seriously? You couldn't even get one ticket and a drink for that in Provo on a Saturday night. My favorite part? You have to be 16 years old to be eligible for this deal. Oh, I can hardly wait to move to Lovell!!!

We love each other! The highlight of this picture: Nikki's smashed face. The lowlight: My bangs split so that it looks like I have a middle part. In reality I have much more style than that.

Me and my beautiful Nikki... now seriously? How many girls get married to their BFF's brother and get to be sisters for eternity? I'm so blessed!

My wonderful husband (with his newly shaven head... do you like it? I do!) Words can not describe how I feel about this man! I don't know if anyone has ever been as blessed as me :)

Grandma teaching me how to make pie crusts. You know that Primary song that says, "I wish every child in the whole wide world had a grandmother just like you!" well, that's how I feel about this woman. She is simply amazing and I'm so glad I get to have her for my grandma now!
I had a little meltdown when I discovered the the cute little house next to Grandma and Grandpa Savage was for sale. I wanted to buy it so badly! After crying about it for a few minutes (yeah I know I'm a little ridiculous) I decided I could be patient and wait a couple years for DJ to be done with school so we can just build a house there. It really will be awesome, but for now I'm going to make sure I appreciate the time I have living close to my family, being right by BYU and, oh yeah.... having stores to go to other than the Red Apple :)


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