Thursday, April 14, 2016

February-March Highlights

** At Lexsi's 4-year well check, she weighed 31 pounds (7%)  and was 3ft 1in tall (3%).  She's just as tiny as ever!**

Teaching my cute big girls how to "heater hog" at Grammie's house:

Lexsi's birthday breakfast:

For her birthday, I made Lex a diaper bag with baby clothes, diapers, bibs, etc. for her baby dolls.  Grammie got her a new stroller, booster seat and car seat for her dolls.  She loves them!

All three girls in a single stroller for a walk.. haha!

Lex was sick and I gave her cough syrup, and apparently the red dye in it caused her to break out in hives.  So she was in pretty bad shape for a couple days.  Poor baby girl!

We went to the zoo, and somehow this was the only picture I got of the day.  But the girls really enjoyed their time there!

Pyper still sucks her thumb when she's tired, but it's way funny cause she always wants to be holding something (a blanket, the tag on a toy, etc.) in the same hand of the thumb she sucks:

Playing outside!  This happens for several hours a day as long as it's not rainy!

Just typical Mia... hahah!

I made the girls' Easter dresses this year, but unfortunately I made Pyper's too small!  So she didn't match the other girls on Easter.

We went to Spanish Fork for Easter weekend and I got to go to the General Women's meeting with my Savage fam:

We were staying at Nikki's and I put the girls to bed one of the nights and they were super quiet so I just assumed they were asleep.  Well at about 10:30 they came downstairs, and I was so confused cause Mia was in a swimming suit!  I couldn't stop laughing-- this girl knows how to keep me on my toes!

Breakfast at Nikki's with the cousins:

Cutest girls by the Ogden temple:

Playing at the museum one afternoon:

I got the girls Happy Meals, which is a rare occurrence, and they were so excited!

Lex and Mia had their first dental appointments, and they did so well!  DJ took Lex and I took Mia, so unfortunately I only have pictures from Mia's appointment.

Easter through the years:


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