Sunday, April 26, 2015

April Catch Up

I fell behind on my blogging again-- imagine that!  I spend my Sunday afternoons doing Family History, and I need to make a better point of keeping up with my own little family's happenings.  Since my last blog about the fam, here's what's been going on:

Lex got her cast off (hooray!):

The girls have been playing outside in the sun a lot:

We spend Easter weekend down in Provo, watching General Conference.  Mia has become obsessed with the song "Immortals" and loves to sing along:

Easter baskets and dresses... I did dress up dresses this year since Easter was on Conference weekend, so the girls wore their new church dresses the week before:

On the Monday after General Conference, I finally got a new car!!! I had been carless since the first week of January, and let me tell you... 4 months with no car is zero percent fun.  We got a 2006 Toyota Sienna, and I'm obsessed with it!  It has such great space, tons of storage and you just can't beat the functionality of it!  Now we're ready for Pyper to get here to fill up a little more space :)

Mia has been loving helping me out in the kitchen:

I made the girls a little play washing machine, which they love!  

Mia helping me make taco soup.  Letting the girls help in the kitchen from a young age has always been important to me... it makes a mess and takes longer, but I am a firm believer in teaching them to help from a young age!

After she was already filthy from making soup, I decided it wouldn't hurt to take the girls out to play in the puddles in the pickle ball court from the rain the day before.  I've done this with Lex lots of times, and she has always just thrown rocks in.  Mia was, of course, more adventurous and it didn't take long for her to walk right into the puddles and start digging in the mud.  Lex experimented with that a little, but was still much more reserved than Mia.  They were so happy and entertained with it, that it was completely worth the extra load of laundry I had to do that day!

We've been working on our yard lately.  One Saturday I ripped out all the weeds from the front flower bed:

Lex entertained herself by singing "Everything is Awesome!" over and over in the yard:

One day we got a lot of snow, so I bought some Play-Doh and the girls had a blast with it! 

The girls ran out into the yard when we got home on the snowy day, even though they weren't dressed to play in the snow.  They didn't last long.

We had an awesome 3D ultrasound of Pyper!  I think she totally looks like my other girls, and I'm SO excited to snuggle her!

We went up to visit DJ at a golf tournament in Tremonton one morning and it was really windy, so I put the seats down in the back of the van and let then have a "donut picnic:"

Last Sunday, the girls were in our bedroom laughing their heads off.  DJ and I were out in the living room talking about how awesome it is that they're so great at entertaining each other now... then DJ went into the room and discovered they had found a bag of Nerds jelly beans and dumped them all out and were eating all of them... silly girls!

We've been spending lots of time out on the trampoline, which is awesome!

When you have little girls, you expect to spend your time dressing up and having tea parties, right?  That's kind of what it's been with Lexsi.  Mia, however is an adventurer, and is always climbing on things... and falling off.  A few days ago I heard a crash and then screaming, and I ran out to the kitchen and found her with a bleeding mouth.  I'm pretty sure she climbed on the table and fell off and bit into her lip.  She's just too adventurous for her own good!

I finally finished the shower curtain for our main bathroom:

One of the best parts of DJ being a coach is that the girls have learned how to entertain themselves in bleachers.  A few days ago I took them to a track meet at Box Elder and it was fun for me to be able to watch and fun for them to be outside playing!

Yesterday we (meaning, mostly DJ) tore up our whole back yard to get ready to get new grass in!


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