Monday, March 30, 2015

March 22-29: Grammie's house!

Since Meggin was coming into town for the week, I decided to go spend the week at my mom's too! On Sunday, DJ took us down to Salt Lake and my mom met us there to take the girls and me to her house (we're still a one-car family).  The girls loved seeing the Christus statue on Temple Square, as usual!

It was so fun to be at my mom's and spend time with family!   Lex and Mia love getting to spend time with cousins, and it was especially awesome to be with some they hardly ever see!  Lex and Annie are only 4 months apart, and it was fun to have them together for the week!

Lex and Annie helping lick the batter:

On Tuesday I took the girls to Spanish Fork to visit Melin's family, and also Grandpa and Grandma Savage and Debbie were there!  Jill brought Kate and Hailey down as well, so the girls got to see some more cousins for a little bit.  It was so nice to talk to everyone and spend some time together.  Later that day we went to the Bean Museum with Meg and her kids.  That evening I went out to dinner at Red Robin with a bunch of DJ's family members, and it was awesome!  I left my girls with my mom, and it was SO NICE to get out and just be with adults for a while!

Lex at the Bean Museum:

Mia LOVES elephants!

Since we weren't in Lovell for Christmas this year, Mammie and Papi sent Christmas presents home with Keesha when she went to see Savanna at State Basketball, and Wednesday morning was like Christmas all over again for my girls!  They were so excited to have new toys, and Mama Sav made DJ and me a really cozy blanket.

 Lex and Mia played bubbles with Grandma Kaiser:

We were going to "the pizza store" (Pizza Hut) and Lex was super excited!

On Thursday morning was the annual warehouse sale for Little Adventures Dress Up, which is where I get my girls' costumes.  They are really high quality (MUCH better quality than the Disney dresses you get at Toys R Us or on Amazon) and during the warehouse sale they're only $10 a piece!  Meg and I took Annie and Lex and they each got a couple new dresses.  It's so hard for me not to go crazy at the sales, cause they're just such good prices and my girls wear dress ups pretty much all day long.  It's definitely worth the money for us!  Since Easter Sunday is during General Conference this year, I had my girls wear their actual Easter dresses the Sunday before and I'm giving them each a new dress up dress on Easter morning!

Lex belting out "First Time in Forever" while wearing her new Anna dress:

Annie and Lex wearing their new matching dresses:

My girlies in their Cinderella dresses:

I shared a room with Lex while we were at my mom's, and she turned out to be quite the bed hog.  I actually kind of love sharing with her, she's snuggly and it's fun!

 On Friday, DJ came into town!  That evening we had a BBQ at Jordan and Jill's.  Lex was happy to be able to play with Kate again!  It was fun to be able to spend time with family again.

DJ helping Mia play basketball:

Lex and Mia sharing a creamsicle:

Saturday was super awesome, because Josh and Kristin were in town and Kristin went through the temple to receive her endowment!  It was great to be in the temple with my family.  We got to take family names through from the Family History I've been doing, and that was great as well!

On Sunday my girlies wore their new Easter dresses to church.  Lexsi chose them out about a month ago, and they were so excited to match!  We dropped Mia off at Nursery for the first time with Lex (even though technically she isn't 18 months til the second week of April).  It was SO NICE to be able to go to meetings with DJ and not have kids with us!

Annie, Lex and Mia

The boys on "Easter":

My little fam:

The most beautiful girls in the world!

We came home Sunday evening and it's good to be back.  Only a few days and we'll be back in Provo to spend Conference weekend with family again, and we're really looking forward to it!

A couple of gems from my girls yesterday:

Lex walked into her bedroom and a saw a Barbie skirt on the floor.  She picked it up and exclaimed, "This is Tiana's!  She must be nudey booty.,.  She gots to be modest!!!"

Mia said her first unassisted prayer last night:  "Deah Fawdduh,  Gank ee day.  Gank ee church, temple, church, temple.  AAAAAAAY- MEN!" Best ever!


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