Monday, July 21, 2014

Craft Room Update

After painting stripes in my bathroom today, I was kind of on a roll.  I decided to try something completely different in my craft room!  I wasn't sure how I'd like it, but I figured, hey!  It's a craft room.  It doesn't hurt to try something crazy in the room where I'm most creative, right?

Here's the room, pre-paint.  Very beige and very blah.

So, I started putting up painter's tape, pretty much randomly.  I just wanted it to be geometric.

And I kept going...

And going, until the one wall was covered in geometric glory!

I chose a few sections to paint a medium blue, then painted the rest of the wall the same light blue that is my accent wall color upstairs in the living room.

After two coats of paint and some serious patience while waiting for it all to dry, I got to peel off all the tape!

In  the end, I kind of love it! 

It's definitely different.  It's not something I'd necessarily choose for a main room in my house, but it's pretty cool, and I really like it for my craft room!

And one last side-by-side for good measure:

In the end, I spent less than $5 on painter's tape for both of the projects I did today, and all the paint I had was leftover from over projects.  Spending less than $5 to make over 2 rooms is a good day in my book!


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