Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What's In a Name?

Ummm... hi.  Worst blogger ever here.  Forgot to mention on here that our new baby is another girl!  Wahoo!  And now, let's talk about her name.

Amilia Mae

So cute, right?  DJ and I decided before we had kids that we want their first name to be whatever we like and their middle name to be a family name (with the exception of our first son, which is another story).  So Mae is both DJ and my grandma's middle name, which is cool.  It's also Keesha's middle name, so even better!  

The reasoning for Amilia is this:  when DJ's mom was pregnant with Savanna, his dad really wanted to name her Mia.  Robyn put the nix on that.  The first time I heard that story, I proclaimed I'd name one of my daughters Mia-- cause really?   Mia Savage is just too funny to pass up.  I don't know if anyone believed that I'd really do it, especially when I had the chance with Lex and passed it up.  Rather than just name her Mia, we decided we really like the name Amilia-- spelled unusually of course.  Nothing traditional for us, thanks!  With her name as Amilia, she can go by so many different things -- Mia, Millie, Lia-- that if she doesn't like being called Mia, she doesn't have to be.

When I told Grandma Savage that we were naming her Mia, she exclaimed, "I feel like we've already been through this!!!"  She was against the name Mia for Vanna too.  My sister thinks I'm crazy.  My parents think I'm a little mean.  Personally, I think we're good parents for having a sense of humor with our kids. And I really really love the name Mia, and her last name won't be Savage for the majority of her life.

One of the reasons I'm obsessed with the name Mia is that in Spanish, "mia" means "mine."  And let's be serious, that's adorable!

So Mia Savage it is!


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