Friday, May 31, 2013


My mom is in Colorado right now, and apparently she just heard this conversation between my two nephews, Ty (almost 6 years old) and McKay (4 years old).  It NEEDED to be written down.

Ty:  Some people say yellow like this: 'Armadillo.'
McKay: What?
Ty repeats himself and adds:  They say it in Spanish.
McKay:  We should go there.
Ty: Where?
McKay:  Spanish.
Ty:  McKay, Spanish is not a state.
McKay:  It's not?  What is it?
Ty:  It's a language.
McKay:  Oh.
Ty:  They speak it in California and Mexico.
McKay:  Ty, if we had a map, we'd have a better idea how to get to Mexico.
Ty:  You're probably right.

I love love LOVE those boys.  Watching them together and listening to them interact makes me VERY excited to have 2 little girls only 20 months apart!  Kids are the best!


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