Saturday, March 2, 2013

Home Improvement

 This morning, DJ and Sean were outside digging holes for our fence posts:

They were working so hard and I'm so excited to have a new fence... and it made me want to do some work on the inside of the home.  Heaven knows it needs it-- I've basically done nothing but hang a couple pictures since I moved in in October.  Pathetic.  So today, I decided to paint my back splash.  I decided painting would be the best option, as I don't plan on living here forever and what if I put up tile someone hated and then they didn't want to buy the house or something?  Paint isn't a big deal-- just paint over it.  So I bought a stencil, paint, and a couple supplies.  Less than $30 and about an hour later, my kitchen had gone from this:

To this:

Now, if you're coming to my house, don't look too closely-- it's definitely not perfect!!!  But I really like the result and the vibe it gives my kitchen.  Now to spice up the rest of the house...  :)


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