Wednesday, January 16, 2013

9-10-11 Months

So-- hey!  Haven't done Lexsi's monthly update for the last quarter of the year... oops.   Let's just say I didn't keep up so that when I don't do it for any of my other kids they won't feel as bad.

Anyway...  Lex is so big now.  Over the past few months she:

-- Has turned into a master crawler.  She's so fast!
--  Is more punky than ever-- she knows she's not allowed to push buttons on the DVD player and X-Box, so she starts to crawl slowly toward them, and as soon as DJ or I say her name in a warning tone, she crawls as fast as her little legs can take her towards the untouchable, and pushes buttons as fast as she can.  When we come pick her up, she laughs her head off.  We've been holding her on time out on our laps when she does things she knows are wrong, which she doesn't love.  It's sooo hard not to laugh though, because before she gets off time out, she has to turn toward us and we talk to her about what she did wrong.  She usually throws her head back or looks anywhere EXCEPT our faces-- she knows she's busted.  She also will lean forward and give you hugs to try to get out of the talk.  The funniest time was when I let her go and turned her toward me, I held her face in my hands to make her look at me, and she YELLED at me!  For several seconds, she just yelled right in my face.  You have no idea how hard it was not to crack up.  I think I managed to do okay with keeping a straight face.  Good grief, that girl!!!
-- Is talking more.  Her two newest words are "Hi!" (which is absolutely adorable), and she said her first Spanish word, "Mas."  {"Mas" means "more," FYI.}  So, now we're in the crazy zone where we have to try to figure out what she says in English AND in Spanish, and what is still just babbling.  It's pretty much awesome.
-- Loves to sing!  Her favorite songs are "If you're happy and you know it, " {she loves to clap her hands!} and "The wheels on the bus."
-- Plays peek-a-boo.  She doesn't always get her hands over her eyes, but if they're on her face at all she thinks it's peek-a-boo.
-- Pulls herself to standing.  She isn't cruising furniture yet, which I think is because we don't have any low furniture... She and I spend 6 hours a day upstairs where there's literally nothing for her to pull herself up on so... we'll work on that :)
-- Is a total bookworm.  She'll dig through a whole bin of toys to get to a book on the bottom.  She reads for literally hours every day.  She flips through her books and "reads" them out loud.  It's absolutely adorable!

I'm dying that I'm less than a month away from my baby turning a year old.  Where has the time gone?!  I adore her, and I'm sooo grateful for all the light she brings to my life every day!!!

9 months old:

10 months old:

11 months old:


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