Monday, December 31, 2012

Things To Remember

***That one time I was at Meggin's house and she put McKay on timeout and as he was sitting there waiting to be free from punishment, he started singing, "I know a name, a glorious name..." That little turkey!!!  I can't hear that song now without thinking of him!

***Grandma Kaiser telling me how she played drums in the band in high school. HAHA!

*** Grandma Kaiser telling me how when she was a teenager they'd go out on the highway and dance.  There was an intersection and I think it was at the bottom of a hill so you could see cars coming from a long way away, so they'd pull their cars up and turn up the radios and dance in the intersection.  Highway patrolmen would come by and just tell them to make sure they watched for cars.  Can you even imagine?  I love that!

*** Mut telling Savanna that Lexsi has "RSVP."

*** Mut thinking that DJ bought me a toy dog for Christmas.  (Somehow, he got me confused with Kaitlyn. It's okay, I can totally see why... **sarcasm**)


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