Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thanksgiving Favorites

Okay so I'm super behind... We went to Lovell for Thanksgivin {as Blaine says}, and it was great!  We had the best roads we've ever had going home at holiday time, so that was awesome!  While we were there we played volleyball, watched football, ate delicious food, saw Wreck-It Ralph, took family pictures, and did some Black Thursday shopping!   I'd say it was a successful trip!

 Our little family

 Lex and Mammie
 Our little Cheerleader :)
 Lex and Vanna
 Lex and Tre

 Her first time driving... ha!

Favorite weekend quotes:

Keesha {about wedding rings} :  "Just because it has a lifetime warranty doesn't mean it's guaranteed to last!"

Two words:  "Bladder Hammock."

{I recognize that if you weren't there, this won't be funny.  But I was, and it is, and it's my blog, after all!}


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