Thursday, August 2, 2012

Serious Makeover

I had the best time today.

My mom has been re-vamping her room, and a few days ago while we were out getting fabric for her canopy, we stumbled upon some seriously awesome upholstery fabric.  She bought a yard to recover her cedar chest bench.  While sitting in her room talking to her, I suggested she totally re-do the cedar chest; a little paint would be perfect with the new seat cover.  She agreed, and told me I could do it.  Here's what the chest looked like before:

 Obviously, the fabric was on a cushion, but at this point it had already been recovered.  So I just laid it on top so you can see how awesomely out-of-date it is.
This really is a great piece of furniture.  I've always loved it.  Even from the time I was really small, I remember loving to see the treasures it held.  To this day, the sound of the hinge as it opens and the smell that comes with it takes me right back to being a kid.  I love that.

Originally, we had talked about painting it blue or off-white.  While in her bedroom yesterday, I realized what the room really needed was a touch of yellow.  I happened to have a gallon of yellow paint in my storage room, so I went with my gut and painted that bad boy!

Beautiful, right?  I'm obsessed.  I'm crossing my fingers that my mom likes it too!  (She hasn't seen it in person yet).  After painting the chest yellow, I realized the hardware clashed horribly with the color, so I went out and got new knobs and drawer pulls that played off the pattern on the seat:

A couple close ups of the awesome fabric:

And here it is in her room!  I love how light it is, with all the dark furniture in the room.  And are you in love with that canopy?  She totally rigged it up herself last night!

I'm positive my dad will not be as happy about the change as I am-- he has the idea that good wood shouldn't be painted.  BUT-- as long as my mama's happy, I'll be happy :)


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