Monday, August 6, 2012

Just For Kicks

My sweet little baby niece got blessed yesterday.  I love that girl!  She was blessed in the same dress that my sister, Lex and I were all blessed in as well.  Since our baby girls are SO close in age (4 months and 1 day apart), I thought it would be fun to post pictures of both of them in the same dress that they can look back at some day!  Lexsi was blessed on the day she turned two months old, and Annie was blessed 11 days before she turned 2 months, so there's a tiny difference in their age at the time of their blessing.

Don't you love the difference in their hair?!  Lex is such a wild haired little child and Annie's is so soft and sweet!  (She does have hair, it's just very light and hard to see in the pictures.)

They don't look much alike, but I really think these girlies are in for a lifetime of fun together!!!

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  1. It's funny how very different our daughters look when we look so similar! Maybe it's because we both produce children that could be our husbands' clones, and obviously Adam and DJ look nothing alike! What a fun post!