Friday, August 31, 2012

Bangs Tutorial

Okay let me preface this post quickly by saying this is the only time you'll see me posting a tutorial for hair cutting.  I'm not going to teach you how to cut hair... that's what I paid lots of money for :)

That being said, you DO get this one post, because my sweet cousin is cutting her own bangs today and I didn't want her to end up looking like this:

I happened to be planning on cutting my bangs straight across today anyway, so I thought I'd help her out a little!

Without further ado... my straight-across bangs tutorial:

First, section out the part of your hair that you want to be bangs.  If you have crazily long hair (like Karen), lop some of it off. about to your nose or so, to make it more manageable to work with.

Make sure your bangs are blow dried/straightened in the direction you want them to lay.

I usually have the shortest part of my bangs hit just above my eyebrows.  BUT (this is super important), don't just chop off all your bangs at that length. you'll look like a fool.  Take the middle section of your bangs where you want the shortest pieces:

Then pull that hair out from your head:

 NOW-- this is ultra important as well... you want to point-cut your bangs, not just whack them straight across.  This is how you point-cut:

So, you're cutting upward into your bangs, rather than straight across them.  once you have the shortest area done, slowly continue point-cutting toward the edges, making sure you taper the hair (leaving it longer on the sides).

Now, I can't lie... I've met plenty of talented cosmetologists, but I'm the best bangs cutter I know. (Hear that?  It's the sound of me tooting my own horn).  SO... if you need an excellent bang cut or trim, I'm happy to oblige.  If, however, you happen to live a long distance from me and need them cut sooner, I hope this tutorial helps!


  1. Let me start by saying, if you lived closer then I wouldn't even attempt this (in fact the next time we happen to be in the same place at the same time I plan on having you cut my hair just needs it, plus I LOVE having you do my hair, you are pretty awesome at what you do). And I would be willing to pay more than you charge if you sit Jon down and do his as well. :) He needs it worse than me (not to mention he keeps asking if *he* can do the locks of love thing...ahhh! Not a chance). Thanks for the tutorial, I am going to *deep breath* go try that now.

  2. I would agree. If I lived close, I would definitely have you do it each time. I even had someone specifically comment on how great my bangs looked!