Sunday, August 26, 2012

6 Months and such

Welp, my baby is half a year old.  I'm loving all the fun things she's learning to do, but dang it's hard to see her getting so big!  Here are her 6-month pictures with her lion: 

She sits!  Can you believe it?  It's funny, cause it seriously happened over night.  DJ and I were talking about how we thought she'd take forEVER to sit on her own, cause she's so grabby that as soon as you set her down she's lunging for something.  She must have heard us or something, cause the next day she was sitting alone.  I love it!

She's also learning to scoot.  It's so fun!  She spins circles and pushes herself backwards until she runs into a wall, furniture, etc.  She hasn't mastered the forward scooch yet, but I'm sure it won't be long.  I'm actually really excited for her to be mobile.  I know she'll get into stuff, but at least that way she can entertain herself! She's so busy that I'm constantly have to move her to different places around the house to keep her happy, and it will be nice when she can do that on her own.

She's becoming the master of the jumper.  It's awesome, and SO cute to watch.  She loves that thing!

Stranger Danger is setting in.  Bummer.  She's always been so happy to go to anyone, but that's certainly not the case any more.  Hopefully that passes soon!

We've discovered one more way that she is completely her daddy's girl; she won't drink plain water, but she LOVES Gatorade.  Go figure.

She's starting to eat more solids, and especially loves french fries (we just squeeze the potato-y part out of the middle and feed that to her).  Again, her daddy's girl... she can't seem to get enough potatoes.  We've also discovered that she loves Jello!

She finally broke her first tooth a little over a week ago, followed by her second a few days later.  Hallelujah!   They're so cute, too!

We went up to PCMC for an x-ray on her hips, and everything is looking great!  She doesn't have to go back for a whole year, which is exciting :)

Her 6-month stats are:

Weight: 14 lbs, 22%
Height: 26.5 in, 76%
Head: 16 in, 58%

Now, for fun, a few more pictures:

 I love her crazy hair, and she does too... she plays with it a lot!
 When she was sick last week, we fed her a strawberry peach smoothie.  She was in heaven.


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