Friday, March 9, 2012

Quick and Easy Baby Dress

In her 3 weeks of life, my sweet baby has only had one blowout diaper.  The best part was, I was in the shower when it happened, and didn't even hear about it until after she was cleaned up (thanks, Keesh!).  However, I also didn't realize her onesie had been affected, and I found this days later:

(My mom has since informed me that to clean white onesies in this situation, you use a mixture of bleach and dishwasher soap.  Who knew?)    Anyway, there was no way I was putting that on my child.  Even though it's washed and clean, I couldn't feel good about it.  SO-- I decided to make it into a dress.  I had every intention of taking pictures in the process, but Alexsi woke up and was fussing, so I just whipped it up quickly.  Basically I took a pre-ruffled jersey knit and cut it to the same width as the circumference of the onsie, then sewed it on, sewed a ribbon around the top of the skirt as well, and attached a little bow. Ta-daaa!  A new easy dress:

Haha it's a little see-through in this picture cause it stretched tight over her triple-diapered bum.  Haha!  Love that girl :)


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