Saturday, January 14, 2012

Preggy Pics

I realized I haven't posted any preggo pics on my blog, only Facebook.  And I guess eventually I'll want documentation of this pregnancy in hard copy, so it's probably best to put these on my blog so I can toss them in my blog book next year.

17 weeks 
(what's funny is I thought I was so fat!)

21 weeks

23 weeks

28 weeks

31 weeks

36 weeks

**UPDATE-- here I am at 39 weeks-- BIG!**

My friends, I am large.  I'm pretty sure this concludes the documenting of my ever-growing belly, which is why I decided to post all these now.  The thing is, I don't feel that huge or uncomfortable, but then I see pictures of myself and I feel like I just look massive!  I know the majority of my body hasn't gotten fat or anything, but still.  DJ and I laugh a lot because people tell me all the time, "You look GREAT for 36 weeks!  You're so small!"  I really am grateful for the positive feedback, it just makes us laugh cause I'm carrying around this big basketball on the front of me!  I can tell I've gotten bigger in my face (probably just retaining water), which I hate, but meh, oh well.  I've gained about 30 pounds, which I know is reasonable.  And I'm not super worried about working it off, because I've always had the ability to lose weight fairly easily when I actually work out :)   I'm just super grateful I haven't ballooned up everywhere :)

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  1. I get told over and over again how small I look for being 9 months pregnant too... but supposedly baby is already 7 1/2 to 8 pounds and I've put on a decent amount of weight... I think about 10 pounds of it is probably water weight in my swollen, achy feet and legs though, lol. You, my dear, do look FABULOUS and I'm so excited for you being able to meet your little girl soon!