Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Post Me Up Some Halloween

Last week, my cute nephew asked my sister to "post him up," meaning he wanted her to post pictures of him on her blog.  It's probably my new favorite phrase :)  

So here's some pictures I wanted to post up of Halloween yesterday!

Keesh and DJ made a great pair:

DJ's mustache worked great for his costume, but he was thrilled to shave it off at the end of the night!

And then Wario (Matty) came in on the scene:

And Superman (Davey) made an appearance:

We had a party with all the Provo sibs:
Nikki, me, Kristi, Sean, Matty, DJ, Keesha, Davey and Meg

And me and Alexsi rocked our skele-costumes together :)

I saw a costume like this on a blog last year, and I hoped that someday I'd be preggo on Halloween so I could use it!  Who knew it would be perfect for one year later???

Happy Halloween!!!


  1. I had the same costume last year since I was pregnant with Lexi then too! I love it! Super cute!

  2. That skeleton costume rocks my world. Love it!!!

  3. I so wanted to do a costume like that, but couldn't find one anywhere! Did you make it?

  4. Thanks everyone! Yes I made my shirt :)

  5. If I'm ever pregnant on Halloween again...I'm going to hire you to make my costume...that rocked! I loved the other costumes too. :)