Sunday, July 24, 2011


You know those biscuits that come in a roll?  And you have to peel back the cardboard and wait for that big POP?  I've always loved those biscuits, but I've always HATED opening them.  It makes me jump every single time.  Well, a few days ago, I decided to be a good wife and make dinner (which has happened probably a total of 4 times since I've been pregnant-- 2 of those times in the last week!).  I planned on making mini-pizzas with those biscuits for the crust.  Well, I started to open them, bracing myself for that pop.  Instead, there was more of a BOOM and I shrieked and closed my eyes.  Upon opening them, I saw my kitchen covered in biscuit dough shrapnel.  Those darn little things literally exploded all over my kitchen!  DJ came over laughing his head off and helped me clean it all up while I muttered again about how much I hate those biscuits.

We ordered pizza from Dominos that night.


  1. What makes this really funny is that she always asks me to open the biscuits for her because she is afraid it will explode. I just tell how ridiculous that is and then I open them for her and say "see no big deal".

  2. You know, my mom has a great pizza dough recipe that you can roll out and freeze. You won't have to deal with those biscuits anymore, plus the pizzas will taste better and be healthier :)