Friday, June 10, 2011


I'm sure you're all "dye-ing" to know about my HSG this week (get it?  It's funny, okay?).  So, on Thursday morning I headed in for my long-awaited visit (gag).  Honestly it wasn't that bad.  Just like everyone assured me, it was indeed like an elongated pap-smear.  Okay, I actually have no idea if that's what it was like, cause I've still yet to have a pap-smear.  Never fear, though,  next month I will experience it for the first time.   More on that later... The HSG was actually kind of fascinating.  It's cool to be able to see inside your own body.  The results are in:  everything looks good.  So yes, I did indeed get to pay $400 to find out I'm normal.  I guess in the end it will be worth it, right?  Now I get to play the waiting game.  For lots of women, having an HSG actually helps increase chances of fertility, because if there was any buildup (even a very small amount) in the fallopian tubes, the dye will push through that, making it easier for the egg to come down, and the sperm to get to the egg.  My doctor told me that we'd wait a couple of months to see if I got pregnant, and if not then she'd put me on some medication.  Let's hope it doesn't come to that.  I've heard horror stories of what fertility medication can do to you.  I'm not a fan of adding hormones to your body.  I was on birth control for like 4 months of my life and I probably never will be again (at least not for a loooooong time!).  Anyway, in the mean time my doctor has scheduled me for a "well-woman exam"  in the middle of July.  There, I will experience my first ever pap-smear.  Yahoo!!!  I'm sure it won't be worse (or really much different) than the HSG.  One of these months I'll get pregnant, guys, really.  But I really have come to the realization that all this is for my good.  It's going to make getting pregnant so much sweeter!  Side note:  I realized last week that if I had gotten pregnant when I wanted to, I would probably be trying for my second baby now.  Weird.


  1. Wow, it's almost like I can see the future!! :D I'm so glad everything is good. Baby coming soon, I just know it!

  2. Definitely glad to hear all results were normal! Crossing my fingers for you to get that baby of yours soooon!

    I just got to experience my third pap smear and it's really not all that bad... take courage! It's relatively quick, and painless. As my dad says, we're all naked under our clothes! hahaha And those well-woman exams are oh so important, so I figure I can experience slight exposure once a year to make sure all is well with my woman parts!