Monday, June 6, 2011

California and Such

First and foremost, before I get into what an incredible time I had last week in California, I had document the fabulousness known as "Dog Pong".  Here you go:

Simply awesome.

And now, on to the vacay... I'm mostly going to post pictures, not a travel log :)  So, last week, we.....

Played football on the beach.

Took jumping pictures together

Hung out with my fabulous, amazing, best friend!!!

Did handstands.
 ....and cartwheels...

Ran romantically into each other's arms.

Played with family

Went boogie boarding in the ocean.

Saw this man wangin his electric guitar on the side of a cliff

Spent the night at my Aunt Gaye's house and visited the rock beach.

A couple of things really do need to be told... DJ and I found a Farmers' Market in Carlsbad, and we bought THE most amazing fruit.  Seriously, the best we've ever had.  ALSO... we had a hotel booked for Saturday night after DJ's family went home... we used Priceline, which has always been great to us in the past.  This time though.... yikes!!!  We walked into the hotel and the hallways had garbage littering them, and one of the doors was open with music blaring, people smoking... and when we went into our room, we immediately knew we couldn't stay.  It was dirty, and the Spirit was definitely not there.... We just did NOT feel good staying there.  I called my dad, who called his Aunt Gaye, and she was gracious enough to let us stay the night with her.  The next morning we went to a Spanish ward, which was pretty interesting.  Needless to say, I was the only blonde there (other than the Branch President, funnily enough), and the only one who didn't speak Spanish.  It was great anyway!  I love that no matter where you go, the Church is the same.  Even in another language :)


  1. That looks fun! How long were you there? Aunt Gaye to the rescue, huh?! Did you guys get the jewelry show, too? :)

  2. haha we were in California from Monday-Sunday. We were only at Gaye's only on Saturday night from about 7pm til Sunday morning at about 8:30 am. No jewelry show for us :)