Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 15: Wedding Hairdo (and wedding crashing)

This morning we got up and went to DJ's cousin's wedding in Manti, and I needed a quick cute hairdo.  I didn't take a lot of pics, sorry.  But basically, you pull your hair into 3 low pony tails.  Now take each little pony and start twisting it.  After it's twisted, pin it up.  Once all three are done, they look like this:

And here's up close:

While we were at the temple waiting to get family pictures, my husband decided to crash someone else's wedding pictures.  Here's the result:  Notice in the top left hand corner, there's three boys in grey suits, and a girl in a white shirt and pink skirt.  That's my husband and three of his siblings:

And now, notice the people to their left, all staring at them.  Clearly, they were discovered.  They didn't actually get in any pictures except the ones I took.  Well, at least they know how to entertain themselves :)

Side note:  my cousin (okay, DJ's cousin's wife...still, my cousin...) was rocking one of the hairstyles I posted on this blog.  All I can say is, I absolutely LOVE when people use the things I teach them!  So so fun!!!


  1. So, I tried out this hair do today for church. I'm not sure what was wrong (I'm probably just hair handicapped) but the little twisties kept untwisting and falling out. So guess what I did? I used some orthodontic elastics (those tiny clear ones you put on your braces as a kid) to secure the twists, and then pinned them from there. Worked like a charm!

  2. Great idea Meggin...creativity must run in your family. :) So sad I missed the wedding, but I am totally trying this hair-do out.

  3. This morning Eva, my 6 year old, had to have a double braided headband ("just like mommy"). So not only are you helping us "big girls", but you're making my 6 year old look like the cutest girl EVER! Thanks for taking the time to do this - it makes me less bored with my hair.