Friday, February 25, 2011

Lovers' Day and Lovell Days

If you know me, you know I'm not crazy about Valentines Day. This year was absolutely perfect though! DJ and I went out for lunch, then stayed home in the evening and he made me a steak dinner. It was great! He also gave me adorable little mini potted roses, which I'm happy to say are still thriving in the middle of my kitchen table. I decided that instead of any extravagant presents, I'd rather just have an allotment of money to go shopping with. Naturally, DJ was fine with that! I ended up getting some galoshes and an AMAZING pair of jeans. I feel great when I wear them! I'd post a picture, but they're in the washer right now. I'll show them to you a different day :)

One of my very favorite parts of good old V-Day was heart-attacking Nikki. The very best part was her reaction! I still have the voice mail she left me! I just love that girl so much! I just wanted to remind her that I'm cooler than boys ;)

Since we were keeping things simple, I decided to write DJ a good, old-fashioned candy bar love note. I'm not gonna lie, I kinda felt like I was in high school or something. I sat on the floor of my office and wrote it out for him. It was a blast!

So, last weekend was President's Day weekend, and DJ and I took advantage of the extra day off and took a weekend trip to Lovell. While we were there, Savanna had a basketball tournament. If you think you can't have fun at a 7th grade girls' basketball tournament, you're very wrong. First of all, check out the gym where it was held:
Oh yeah, that's a buffalo head on the wall behind the basket. A real one. I about died. You know you're in Wyoming when you see something like that! It seriously cracks me up and I love it! We had a great time cheering Vanna on and heckling the refs (which was mostly done by DJ... and let me tell you, his voice REALLY carries in a small gym! yikes!).
Vanna showing off her D
Me and Jax hanging out at the tourney.
Keesh, Sean and DJ watching the game

Between the basketball tournament, Taco Jimmer's, playing Annie's Kinect, hanging out with family, and making to-die-for peanut butter bars, the weekend was a success!

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