Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cute Cousins and Cosmetology!

Remember that one time that I did my cousin Jessie's hair for her Valentine's dance? Well that night we decided I should give her a new hair cut. We've been trying to get together to do that since then, but the time didn't come until tonight. Man, was it fun! I ended up doing all the girls' hair, which involved several inches each and bangs for each. I styled their hair too, straightening Jessie's curls and curling Kendra's straight hair. SO CUTE! I also cut the boys' hair, which Jerrod liked and was practically the worst thing that Ryker could have experienced ;) He just loves his long hair! I did my best to leave it long but still respectable. I seriously had a blast tonight, and I just love this family so much!!!
Jessika, Lyssa, me and Kendra
Silly faces!
Fun with the boys too!

Thanks so much for an awesome night! I love you guys!!!

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