Sunday, May 30, 2010

Best Vacation EVER!!! Day 1

We just got back from a week-long vacation in California, and I decided that the best way to tell about it would be one day at a time :)


We decided to break up the drive by just driving to Vegas on Sunday and sleeping there for the night. We used Priceline to find a hotel, which DJ basically loves. You just name a price you want to pay for each night and submit it along with how many stars you want the hotel to be and you see if someone accepts it. I think we paid like 22 dollars to stay in Circus Circus in Vegas. I'm not positive cause DJ booked it. It was a decent hotel, but it seriously was a circus. There were SO many people there, and to get to our room you had to take the elevator to the 2nd floor, then walk through this area with lots of restaurants and an indoor amusement park to another set of elevators that took us up to our room. We got free passes for a ride at the amusement park at the hotel when we booked our room, so we rode the roller coaster, which was super fun! It was short, but neither of us had been on a roller coaster for a long time so we had a blast. We decided to walk the Strip that night because neither of us had ever done that. We went pretty early, like 7 or so, so that we wouldn't be out with the crazies that come out later. The architecture of the buildings was cool, but that was really the only cool thing. It was really interesting to people watch, which I love to do, because all these girls were coming out all gussied up to hit the bars, and honestly it was just kinda sad. Everyone was looking for a good time, but I didn't see a single person who actually looked happy. They were just looking in the wrong places. It just seemed to me that everything about Vegas was fake. We were walking back to the hotel and this man was literally staggering toward us, holding a lit cigarette, and he was so drunk that he had peed his pants and probably didn't even know it. It was so disturbing to me that I literally had bad dreams that night. I just can't imagine being so incapacitated that you pee your pants while stumbling around the streets and not know it. My overall view of Vegas was simply: sad. Sad and Fake.

DJ outside the Bellagio
The creepy clown sign for our hotel... it was honestly a perfectly fine hotel to stay in. You didn't have to walk through the casino or anything like that. It's just a good thing I'm not afraid of clowns!
View of our hotel from the Strip. We stayed in the building to the right, which was actually across the street.

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  1. I feel the same exact way about Vegas! I have been there several times over the past few years, and every time I just get icky feelings as I'm watching the people who hang out there. *shudder* It's sad that people live like that...