Sunday, June 28, 2015

Child of Mine

So, I've mentioned before that Mia likes to sleep under Lexsi's bed.  It's a weird pattern.  Tonight, Lex was crying at the door a little while after we put the girls to bed, so we came upstairs to investigate.  It turns out that Mia crawled under Lexsi's bed, then laid on her back and used her feet to lift Lexsi's mattress up and down while Lex was on it.  I asked Mia why she was doing that, and she responded, "Bad choice!" I told her that, yes, it WAS a bad choice, and she needed to stay in her own bed.

After getting them back to bed I shook my head and laughed, wondering where this little punky child came from!  All of a sudden I had a memory come to mind that I had completely forgotten about--- of myself as a child, when I shared bunk beds with Meggin.  She had the top bunk and I had the bottom, and I distinctly remember laying on my back and using my feet to lift the mattress on her top bunk bed while she tried to go to sleep.  She never appreciated it, and I thought I was hilarious.  When I remembered this, I burst out laughing, and have been amused by it ever since.  Mia is me.  Completely.  We both have learned how to rile up our older sisters, and we both think we're hilarious.  I'd like to believe I don't bug my sister as much now as I did when I was a kid, but who knows?  I can fully admit that I tend to say and do punky things and then think I'm hilarious for them!

So, yeah... I've definitely had my moments where I've questioned where Mia came from-- she is a handful!  And now I have my absolute answer... she's me.  A mini version of me.  So I deserve to deal with any antics she sends my way 100%.  She is hilarious and punky and I adore her!


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