Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Mia Mae-- One Year Old!

I can't believe my baby is a year old-- and that she has been for nearly two months now!  Time is moving far too quickly.  A few days before her birthday, I made Mia a smash cake and took her outside to eat it.  

She was a little hesitant to just dig into it, but once we got her a fork she dove right in!  Lex also wanted a piece of the action!

The day of Mia's birthday, DJ was driving down to Saint George with his golf team for the state tournament.  Since we weren't going to see him for a few days, I took the girls and went to my mom's house to visit.  Here's the last picture I took of Mia the night before she turned a year old:

On her birthday:

We lucked out and DJ stopped at the Orem Wal-Mart on his way down south from Ogden, so we met him there and got to see him for a few minutes.  It was probably the highlight of Mia's birthday!

This was during our stay at my mom's... Mia is just a curious child who gets into pretty much everything!

The Saturday after Mia's birthday, we had a combined party at our house for both her and DJ.  Normally I would have done them separate, but since I live an hour and a half away from the rest of our family and they both had kind of major birthdays this year (1 and 30), we just threw them together into one party!  DJ's siblings and my parents came up, and it was nice to see them all.  We had an ice cream bar instead of cake, cause DJ is not a big cake fan.

Here are Mia's decorations, including a slideshow of her first year of life and pictures from each month of her life with her zebra:

Here are DJ's decorations, with lots of pictures from his life, missionary plaque and his 30 for 30 book I made him!

And here's Mia playing with one of her new birthday presents:

It's crazy to me how fast my little girl is growing up!  Here are some things about her these days:

- She is an awesome eater!  She really eats anything I give her.  She especially loves fruit and vegetables (dream child, right?), with the exception of broccoli.  

- She has suddenly become so verbal!  I forgot how fun it is to have a kid who's learning how to talk.  She's a little parrot and it's hilarious!  She recently learned to say "Te amo!"  which is adorable!  Lexsi and I have this thing we do every day-- she asks where Daddy is and I say "At work..." and she exclaims, "BORING!"  Well, today Mia learned the word "boring."  She says, "bo-weee!" She can tell you the sounds that kitties, monkeys, cows and dogs make.  She is learning when to say "please," ("BEE!") and "thank you," ("Gank ooo!").  The other day we were in the car and something beeped, and she suddenly put her hand to her ear like she was holding a phone and exclaimed, "Hola!  Buh-bye!"  She's really smart and has a great vocabulary!

- She is getting close to walking, but isn't there yet.  She WANTS to walk, but not on her own.  Her favorite thing is to hold one of your hands and lead you around the house.  She really could be walking on her own, but she's not confident in herself.  I think it'll happen soon.

- She has the best laugh.  Really.  When she belly laughs, I can hardly even handle it, it's the best sound!  Lexsi is the best at making her laugh really hard.

- She has decided that her dad is the coolest person ever.  Whenever she says, "Daddy!"  it's not just saying his name... she's exclaiming it like there was never a more fun person on the planet.  I love it!

- She has recently decided that books are awesome.  She loves to read!

- She is obsessed with cats.  Obsessed.

Mia is just such a sweet girl!  She's super happy and fun to be around.  I can't imagine life without my tiny sweetheart!


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