Sunday, August 24, 2014

10 Months!

Another month has slipped away, and my baby just gets bigger!  At least she gets older... I'm not sure she'll ever be big... ha!

- Mia is SO ACTIVE!  She crawls so fast, and is a furniture-cruising master!  She's got pretty good balance, and loves to walk while holding onto our fingers.  She pretty much never sits still.  Ever.  Even while she's nursing, she's kicking her legs around.  And while she sleeps she moves a ton.  It's really no wonder she's as tiny as she is with as much as she moves!

- She loves to sing.  If music is on or either Lex or I are singing, she sings right along with us.  She loves to shake our maracas and tambourines as well.  She also loves to pull herself to standing by the piano and play it for us!

- She is starting to talk.  I love it so much, and it also breaks my heart a little that she's so big.  She says Mama, Dada, bubble (bub bub bub), Cosmo (ca-ca [DJ isn't thrilled by this.  I think it's funny!]) and banana (nana).  

- She has learned to say her first Spanish word, "Boca."  She usually cuts out the "o" and says, "B-ca!  B-ca!" 

- She loves to clap her hands!  If we ever say "Yay!" she immediately starts clapping.

- If she sneezes or coughs, I always say "Bless you!" and she continues to make noises like she's pretending to sneeze or cough so she can get more attention.

- If anyone around her is laughing, she starts to fake laugh so she can be a part of it.

- She is back to sharing a room with Lexsi, and I discovered the key to making it happen:  she just wants to sleep in the Pack and Play!  She had been sleeping in it in our bedroom for a while, but she started waking up every few hours and wanting to nurse.  It was getting ridiculous, so we moved her down to the basement bedroom and the first night down there she only woke up one time to eat.  It's like she knew before that I was only a few feet away before, and I'd get her if she cried.  I still got her if she cried in the basement, it just didn't happen as often.  After about a week in her own room, I put her down in her crib in the upstairs bedroom for nap time and she screamed and screamed.  It took her a long time to fall asleep and she didn't stay asleep long.  So I just kept her in the basement, thinking she wanted to be in the room she was used to.  Later that week we went to my mom's house and she slept in her own bedroom in a pack and play and it suddenly dawned on me-- she didn't care what room she was in, she really just wanted to sleep in a pack and play.  When we came back home to Brigham I took down her crib and put the pack and play in its place and she's been sharing a room with Lexsi ever since-- even during nap time.  Obviously the crib looks way cuter in the space than the pack and play, but when it comes down to it, I'm WAY more worried about my daughter's comfort than the way her room looks.

- Mia always sleeps on her stomach.  When I lay her down in bed, she immediately rolls to her tummy and buries her face in her little duck pillow.

- I've yet to find a fruit or vegetable that this girl doesn't like!  She loves fresh produce so much!  It's awesome.

- Aside from fruits and veggies, her favorite foods are spaghetti, pizza and yogurt.  We pretty much finish off her dinner with yogurt every night-- like a dessert.  She loves it!  She's such an excellent eater-- it makes my life so easy! 

- Whenever she sees a food that she wants to eat, she says, "Mmmmmm!" until you give some to her.  We went to Lovell for a week and while we were there, Papi pulled some ice cream out of the freezer.  Mia crawled over and sat at his feet saying, "Mmmm!" until his shake was made and he shared some with her.   

- Mia is terrified of animals.  It's so opposite of Lex that it's a little funny to me.  Lex has always loved animals and wanted to be around them.  Mia tenses up and yells whenever she gets too close to an animal-- including our own dog!  Mia HATES taking Cosmo for walks-- she's just petrified of her!  Cosmo is super friendly and wouldn't hurt Mia, but Mia doesn't realize that.  We went to the fair a few days ago and saw all the animals-- Lex was in heaven, and Mia hated her life.  It's just something she'll have to get used to, cause with Lexsi as an older sister, we're going to be spending a good amount of time around animals!

- As always, Mia is tiny.  A few weeks ago she finally outgrew all her 0-3 month onesies and I put them away.  She's in 3-6 month onesies  and dresses now so they're long enough, but still wears 0-3 month pants, shorts, skirts, etc.  3-6 month bottoms are WAY too fat on her.  I'm going to have to take in all her 3-6 month pants in the fall-- and she'll be a year old!  Such a tiny little thing! 

- Her hair is staying curly, which makes me so happy!  She also has a lot more hair than Lexsi did.  Lexsi's was longer on top, but she hardly had any anywhere else.  Mia has a lot of hair all over her head.  Her little curls are my favorite!  For a while I thought it might turn blonde, but I don't think so any more.  It's lighter than Lexsi's, but it's definitely brown.

- Her eyes have also turned brown.  They were lighter when she was little and I thought I might get a green-eyed girl like me!  But they've turned a dark brown, which is super pretty.  I'm just destined to be the only light skinned, light haired, light eyed person in the family!

Mia is such a blessing in our lives!  She's such a loving little girl.  She's so much fun to have around and I'm so so grateful that she's ours!

Mia playing with Dad:

Playing at the park in Lovell:

Playing at Mammie's house:

When you give a baby a fruit leather to eat in the car, this is what happens:

Her ridiculous curly piggy tails are my favorite:

Here's her 10-month pictures with the zebra:

Lex wanted to give Mia a horsey ride:

Here she is saying "Mmmmm!" 


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