Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Big Girl!!!

Lex turned 7 months old on Saturday.  Seriously-- wasn't I just barely blogging about her being 6 months?  Slow it down, little lady!!!  Here are her pictures with her lion:

 Can you even handle how tall she is?  

 This is the growling face.  She is such a growler.  

In the past month, this girl has become so much more stable.  She sits and sits and sits.  AND she's quite the scooter/roller.  She still hasn't mastered the forward scoot, but she moves a LOT.  I'll sit her in one area of the room and within a few minutes she's several feet away, with a combination of scooting and rolling.  She's getting into stuff, and I kinda love it.  Don't tell me I won't eventually-- I'm choosing to enjoy every stage, thanks very much!!!

She's a really good eater-- she'll eat any vegetable we give her, as long as it's mixed with sweet potatoes (go figure), and she loves every fruit she's tried as well!

Her eyes are starting to turn brown-- I know everyone thinks they've been brown all along, but they've actually been a dark grey/green.  They still look green some days, so I think she probably just got the same eyes as me, only hers change from brown to green instead of green to blue like mine.  I'm kind of grateful her eyes are getting darker, cause the girl is so ridiculously beautiful that if she ended up with light eyes with that dark skin, I'd be in serious trouble!  I still can't get over the fact that she's the darkest baby on either side of our family-- and I'm her mom.  Haha! 

For a few weeks now, "Dada" has become her favorite thing to say.  She babbles it all day long, but she also does recognize that DJ is her "Dada," and it's freaking adorable!  As soon as she sees him she yells "DADADA!!" and grabs at his face.  She's in love with him.  A few days ago she was in her jumper and I noticed her saying "Mamamama" and I got sooo excited!  She's not the best at saying it yet, and I realize she does not know that I am "Mama,"  but it still thrills me to hear her say it!

Time is flying by, and things are really busy around here but this little sweetheart brings so much light and happiness to my life, I can't even describe it!  I adore you, Lou!

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  1. hahaha I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has a baby that likes to growl! Lexsi is getting so big, and just gets more and more beautiful! Hearing "Mama" for the first time was music to my ears too... who cares if she doesn't know that I'M mama quite yet. ;)