Friday, June 15, 2012

Four Whole Months!

Okay, okay... so four months isn't that long.  But yikes, time has flown!  Slow it down, would ya?

Some things my baby girl loves lately:

- Standing. 
 We'll put a finger in each of her hands and she grips it and stands and balances herself with that little boost from us.  

- Outside.  
ANYTHING outside.  Going for walks in her stroller (without the car seat, just sitting on her own, thanks very much.  She's quite a big girl these days), laying on a blanket in the grass, hanging out at the pool... this girl is down for anything that includes the outdoors.  

- Yelling.  
Yep, yelling.  Not because she's mad, no, simply to hear the sound of her own lovely voice.

- Her feet.  
She's recently discovered that they're actually hers, and can move them at will.  It makes her very excited.  She also enjoys kicking all her blankets up in the air until she's completely uncovered at naptime when I put her in her crib.  Little stinker.

- Her "straight jacket."
Okay, it's actually a swaddling blanket, and she is actually not a fan, but it does help her sleep and I am a BIG fan of that!

- Teething toys.
She's been chomping on anything cold for days now.  Frozen toys, popsicles, slurpees... she's loving it all.

She can't sit alone, but we're working on it.  She doesn't like to be laid down in your arms, cause she knows that means she's going to sleep.  Sometimes I have to trick her into sleeping by sitting her up on my lap and bouncing her on the exercise ball and slooooooowly lowering her down to a laying position so she won't notice.  She's too smart for her own good.

-Rolling onto her side.
Whether she's on her back or stomach, she rolls herself to her side.  I'm not sure why she like that position so much, but the girl is wiggly.  Yesterday I laid her on the ground by my desk while I worked and within 10 minutes she had turned herself 180 degrees, simply by rolling to her side, kicking, rolling to her back, then going back to her side again.  Good gravy, I'm going to be in trouble soon.

And now, a few recent pictures:

 SO happy to go on a walk!

 Sleeping in the stroller (a rare thing!)

 Grumpy pants.  Stinkin teething.

Aaaaand... a popsicle makes everything better!


  1. Ava and Lexsi are SO similar, I swear when I read your posts it's like I'm reading about my own little one! haha Teething is definitely not our friend, I may have to try popsicles to help that! Lexsi is so pretty, I just love all the sweet pictures!

  2. Thanks Meg! I wish we lived closer :( Do you have a blog? Cause I certainly should be following it if you do!!!