Tuesday, February 14, 2012


My "Valentimes" Day started yesterday, when DJ came home from coaching basketball practice.  He told me to close my eyes, and when I opened them he had a beautiful diamond necklace for me!  It's seriously perfect.  He picked it out all on his own, and I had NO idea he was getting it!  He's such a sweetheart!

Since our first Valentines Day together, DJ and I have gone to lunch rather than dinner-- dinner out on Valentines Day, particularly in a city with 2 universities, is a nightmare.  Most places don't take reservations and it's not fun or romantic to spend hours waiting for a table with 50 other people.  SO, this morning we went to Mimi's for brunch, which was delish!  It's definitely a more "girly" restaurant, but the food is fantastic!  I gave DJ his Valentines present, which was much more simple than his to me-- a book by Mitt Romney, a Jimmer DVD, and a huge Reese's heart.  I also told him that I would be in charge of dinner, since I got to choose the girly brunch :) I headed to the store to get steaks, since my husband is definitely a steak and potatoes guy!  I literally stood in front of the meat at the store for 10 minutes.  I had NO idea what kind of meat to get, or even how to cook a steak?  I knew I was going to grill it, and luckily there were some packages of meat that had stickers on the that said, "Perfect for Grilling!"  haha I'm pretty sure those were specifically put on there for me!  I read about grilling steaks on my favorite food blog, www.ourbestbites.com and put their tips to work.  I must say, I'm kind of a steak master now!  Dinner was pretty tasty!  Steak, garlic mashed potatoes, broccoli and crescent rolls.

All in all, it was a great Valentimes... and our best present comes tomorrow!  Eeeeeeeek!!! Yay for baby girls!


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