Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Great Debate

Okay it's not really a debate... but I think about it a LOT.... What in the world will our little girl look like?  DJ and I have such different genes.  The only thing we have in common is that we're tall and thin.  Other than that, it's a toss up.  Here's some pictures to show how very different we were as kids:

Me at about 5 months (cause for some reason that's the earliest pics I have?)
So white and so bald.

DJ on his blessing day.
So dark and a full head of hair.

At about 6 months-- to reiterate my baldness.
 DJ probably at about 2.

Me at 3.
So so blonde.  And big blue eyes (which have since turned green).
DJ-- I'm guessing around 3.
Brown hair, big brown eyes.

So in the end-- who the heck knows who this baby will look like? I'm aware DJ has all the dominant genes.  But I still wouldn't be surprised if I popped out a baldie/blondie like me :)  Only 12 weeks til we know for sure!!!

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  1. Dominant Genes don't mean much. :) My husband is blond (dark blond now, but light blond-strawberry blond as a kid) with blue eyes. I have dark brown hair and brown eyes.

    We have: A red-head with blue, now hazel eyes. A full head of hair when born. And my skin tone so he doesn't really sunburn.

    A blonde haired blue-eyed girl who was bald until she was 2.

    A little boy who's hair changed from brown to blond to dark blond with a slight curl to it. His eyes also started blue but are now hazel.

    And finally my last 2 got my "dominant" genes. Brown hair, brown eyed boys.

    Before we even had kids we guessed we would never have one look show up consistently because we were so different, but would get a mix. I bet the same happens to you guys.