Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 23: Tangled

Please tell me you've seen the movie "Tangled."  If you haven't, (cough *Meggin* cough cough...) you are really, really missing out.  Today's hair style reminds me a little of when Rapunzel gets her hair all braided up in the village.  You know?  It looks like this:

Not the best picture, but utterly romantic, none the less :)

Here's my take on a Rapunzel-esque style!

First, braid lots of little braids all over your head:

A little reminiscent of a Girls' Camp do (shudder).

Now, just take each of those little braids, and pin it up, criss-crossing and spinning as you go.  I left the ends of my braids out as little tails, cause I like the character they add:

Voila!  Pretty great, right?  It took me 10-15 minutes.  The braids are just a little time consuming.  I did this with my hair wet, but you could absolutely do it with dry hair as well!  


  1. Definitely going to try this one. I'm a little sad to see that it's already day 23...only a few days left. You could totally keep going if you wanted to...past day 30. ;) LOVE these posts.

  2. Totally trying this hair-do today!! I'm excited :)