Friday, May 6, 2011

Swimsuit Cover-Ups Round 2!!!

So, after I made my swimsuit cover up a few days ago, some of my darling sisters requested that I make some for them! Tonight I did, and made one for my MIL as well. Here's how they turned out, I hope you like them, girls!

This is Ranee's. It's an exact replica of mine except with a hot pink band on the bottom, and different colored straps.

Here's Vanna's. I LOVE the bold color! Also, I did the straps a little differently. They criss-cross in the back instead of being a racer back! So cute! Also there's a close up of the band at the bottom cause it's stinkin cute!

Here's Mama Savage's. I love love the light blue! This one is just like me and Ranee's.

Keesha's is quite possibly my very favorite!!! The color is adorable (and will look great on her dark skin), and I went a little different route with this one. It's sleeveless, but I put a casing in the top and ran the braided strap through it. It cinches at the top, and it's so so so cute! I'm kind of obsessed. (Keesh, if you hate it, I can definitely add straps). It looks adorable on, way cuter than it does on the hanger.

And here's the pretty maids, all in a row!!!
We're going to look SOOOO good on the beach in 3 weeks!!!


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