Sunday, January 9, 2011


Well, it's that time of year again! I still need to post pictures from my fantastic holidays, but for now... time to post about my "resolutions." I don't really like the word "resolution." It makes me think of things that will never actually happen. But I really AM going to do the things I want to this year. Here's a list of what's on tap for 2011:

1- LOSE WEIGHT--- I know, I know, it's probably #1 on every girl's "New Year's Resolution" list. But seriously, I'm going to do it. I've entered a "Biggest Loser" competition with the Savage Family women, and I fully intend to win it. Each of us is paying $10 to enter, and the person with the highest percentage of weight lost by May 31st wins all the money. I want that money. And I'm going to work my butt off (literally) to win it :)

2- VISIT AT LEAST 12 DIFFERENT TEMPLES--- DJ and I realize that this year is most likely our last full year in Utah, and after that we won't have such easy access to so many temples, so we should take advantage of it while we can! We started our goal off by visiting the Provo Temple on Friday night.
I really do love this temple! We have been able to visit it so often while living here in Provo, and I just love it! We're headed to Saint George next weekend and we'll go to the temple there. We're planning on visiting the following temples this year: Provo, Saint George, Manti, Mount Timponogas, Jordan River, Oquirrh Mountain, Salt Lake City, San Diego, Idaho Falls, Boise, Billings, and Logan. We might do more than that, and maybe different ones in Utah, but I'll keep you updated throughout the year on how this goes.

3- BE HAPPY--- I'm not going to lie, 2010 had it's moments, and there were a few months where I'm sure my husband wondered what on earth he was doing married to me. I've always known that happiness really is a choice and that even if I can't change my circumstances, I can change my attitude, and that will make all the difference. Sometimes I lose sight of that truth, and I'm going to do my best this year NOT to lose sight of it, but to be the happiest woman on earth!!!

4- BUY A BIG TV--- Okay this is not a resolution at all. BUT... I really am going to buy one. I know it's not a necessity AT ALL, but DJ and I figure we might as well do some fun things with our money before we start having kids and won't be able to do those kinds of things as much. (Don't worry, mom, we're saving money, not just spending it all ;]) We're probably going to get a 55" sometime next month. Last night we went to Best Buy to look at TV's and I *kind of* fell in love with a 65" TV. I know, I know... that's ridiculous and I really don't need it. But MAN it looked good! My husband is more reasonable than me on this point (weird, right? How many husbands suggest getting a smaller TV than their wives?) so we'll probably end up with a 55".

And there you have it! My 2011 resolutions! I'm excited to see what this year brings, and I look forward to sharing it with you!


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