Thursday, October 7, 2010

Another Stroke of Cosmetologenius

Today, my sister in law Jill asked me to do one of my very favorite things: a dramatic change to her hair. I LOVE changing hairstyles for people. I didn't take a "before" picture, but I found this picture from a couple months ago on Facebook:

Jill is on the far right with the BEAUTIFUL long curly hair. She has such amazing natural curl! I love it! Tonight, I got to cut her hair off! I cut about 8 inches and did some really cute short layers. I straightened it to make sure it was all even, but I'm sure she's going to look equally amazing when it's curly. Here's the "after" shots:

Cute, right? I love it!!!!
Love her! Oh, and speaking of changing hair, I clearly changed mine recently as well :) Gotta love a good change every once in a while!!! (Ranee, it's your turn now... you better come visit!)


  1. All the short hair makes me want to lop mine off, seriously. I had the scissors in my hand this morning while trimming up my bangs and I thought--well, if I slip and a whole chunk comes off, Ash will have no other choice but to cut it short! :) Awesome job!

  2. I could take a turn... and I'm coming soon :)