Sunday, May 30, 2010

Best Vacation EVER!!! Day 6


We decided on Friday to go down to San Diego to the Las Americas outlet mall. We were driving south and kept thinking we should be getting close... turns out the exit we took was the VERY last USA exit. We were literally right on the border of Mexico. I wanted to take a picture of the HUGE Mexican flag on the hill, but I couldn't get a good view of it on our way back. We had a great time shopping, and found some CRAZY deals! We seriously love Old Navy now. We wanted to stop at the San Diego temple on our way back to Carlsbad, so we did, but didn't take any pictures because there were scaffoldings covering the whole temple. I'm not sure what they were doing to it, but it was kind of disappointing not to be able to have a good view of the temple. Also, the temple grounds are super small! Some of the smallest grounds I've seen at any temple. Unfortunately there wasn't really even a place for us just to sit and talk and relax, so we didn't stay long. We headed back up to Carlsbad and went to the beach. The water was really cold, but we decided to go swimming. As soon as one wave covered us completely we weren't cold anymore, and we had so much fun playing in the waves for a while! We probably would have stayed out longer but I kept getting salt in my eyes and not being able to see. We went to Olive Garden for dinner that night, which was really nice. We also had a little fashion show of some of the new clothes we got. We know how to entertain ourselves :) We went to Ralph's (which is the California version of Smith's) to get snacks for the way home and as we were leaving there was a huge flock of ducks walking in the parking lot and they would not get out of the way of our car! We were honking and people were trying to shoo them away, but it seriously took so long to get out of that parking lot! DJ wanted to just drive and hope they got out of the way and if they didn't, well... tough luck, but there were kids watching and he didn't want to scar them :)

DJ fashion-showing a new outfit
My new favorite dress! $13!!!
Another great, inexpensive outfit! Originally $60, we paid $15!!!


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