Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our First Place

So I was thinking about the song "You're Gonna Miss This," by Trace Adkins, and the chorus says this:

"You're gonna miss this, you're gonna want this back
You're gonna wish these days hadn't gone by so fast.
These are the some times, so take a good look around.
You may not know it now, but you're gonna miss this."

I was thinking about how good life really is, and no matter how many castles in the clouds I build about our future, DJ and I have a great life now. Someday I'm sure I'll look back at our little apartment and our simple life with just the two of us and I really will miss aspects of it. Here are some pictures of our first place together:

Our little living room, which looks even littler now because we have a sweet massive couch in it that takes up SO much space

Our bedroom, which literally is big enough for our bed and a skinny dresser.

Our EENSY WEENSY bathroom/laundry room. The door doesn't even open all the way because it hits into the sink. This picture doesn't even do justice to how tiny it is.

The kitchen... with minimal storage space, we bought a shelf for our food. There's not even a drawer big enough to fit all our silverware side by side, so we have two silverware drawers.


  1. Oooh, tiny first place! Love it! ;) And I love you're blog!! And I LOVE you!

  2. It's SO true. Being a mom is the BEST, but occasionally I think back to those first couple of years before the kids came, (especially the first one when we lived in the ghetto of Provo and were scared for our lives half the time!) and I miss it. It's awesome when you can have so much time just the two of you. Live it up, girl!!

  3. I love it! :) and you of course!